High Bench Tables Using Connect-it

High bench tables are a perfect way for gathering with friends in a relaxed comfortable setting. These versatile high bench tables are ideal in kitchens, living areas, studios, the office, enclosed alfresco areas and more.

Use our Connect-it system to build you own customised high table, firstly choose from either a black or silver finish, you will need connect-it joiners to put your table together, then finally add your choice of bench top.

The high tables are extremely easy to build with minimal tools, all you will need is a rubber mallet, measuring tape and a hacksaw.

Follow our simple step by step instruction guides on how to build your table. The guides include a shopping list for everything you will need, just head to your local Bunnings store to purchase all of your Connect-it profiles and Joiners.

Step by Step Instruction Guides including Shopping List

Black Connect it High Table Gallery

Silver Connect it Hight Table Living Room

Alfresco Connect it Black High Table

Ensure you follow our weight loading specifications before adding weight to your table.

“Information is intended as a guide only and being up to the end user to determine the suitability or not of the product for their project. For weight loading span specifications please refer to our Connect-it Weight loading spanning guide.