Connect-it Kitchen Shelves

Build your own free standing kitchen shelves using the Metal Mate Connect-it system. The Connect-it system is easy to work with, simply tap the pieces together with the range of impact resistant corner joiners, creating right angled joins.

There is minimal tools required to build your customised shelf system. All you will need is:

Mallet 1  Rubber Mallet
Hacksaw  Hacksaw or Dropsaw (for more clean cut)
Tape Measure BW Tape Measure

Kitchen Shelf How To

Step 1. Cut customised lengths from pre-cut lengths

  • 4 x 600mm lipped tube (using 2 x 1200mm length)
  • 4 x 287mm lipped tube (using 1 x 1200mm length)
  • 4 x 300mm lipped tube (using 1 x 1200mm length)
  • 4 x 100mm square tube (using 1 x 450mm length)
  • 2 x 300mm square tube (using 1 x 600mm length)
  • 8 x 200mm square tube (using 1 x 1800mm length)
    Hint: Clamping securely will assist in making more accurate and squarer cuts. After cutting, deburr or file clean and square up the ends.

Step 2.Layout Lengths and Joiners grouped by size

Hint: Place lengths and joiners out so you have an idea of what order they will need to be assembled in

Step 3. Assemble Frame

  • Start from the bottom
  • Assemble the vertical lengths first using the joiners
  • Join square and lipped tubes by tapping the pieces together with the specified impact resistant joiner (refer to diagram for lengths and joiners to use)
    Hint: Do not finally tap together profiles to joiners until you are sure of everything.Kitchen Shelves with Sizes and Joiners Key

Step 4. Add Shelves

  • Use mdf board, glass, timber or whatever material you choose for your shelves
  • Shelf Sizes: Bottom 3 shelves – 1200x600mm, Top 2 shelves – 1200x300mm
  • Lipped Tube Turn it one way and the shelf can be up to 6mm, or simply turn it the other way, and it can be 17mm thick.
  • Make sure the lip is positioned correctly for your sized shelf.
    Hint: With shelves allow a little wiggle room so they are not too tight

Handy Hints
To make the joins permanent use an adhesive on the inside of the tube
Use a rubber mallet or a block of some sort to protect the tube from damage when tapping together

Tools Required
Rubber Mallet
Hacksaw or Dropsaw (for more clean cut)
Tape Measure

Download Connect-it Kitchen Shelf Instruction Guide

“Information is intended as a guide only and being up to the end user to determine the suitability or not of the product for their project. For weight loading span specifications please refer to our Connect-it Weight loading spanning guide.